SIPSI | Posting of workers – Prior declaration of posting

Any employer located outside France planning to provide a service on French soil must submit before the start of the service in France a posting declaration or certificate concerning the posting of its employees to the Labour Inspectorate of the place where the service is performed.

Redesign of the SIPSI online service

The new version of SIPSI is available since Tuesday, July 16, 2019 :

In response to feedback from different types of users, the Ministry of Labour is completely redesigning the SIPSI online service to bring it more into line with expectations.

This is part of ongoing efforts to simplify and clarify procedures so that foreign businesses can enter their declarations as quickly and accurately as possible. The updated service also provides the inspection services with new, more effective tools.

The new version of the SIPSI includes the following features :

  • Multilingual access : French-English-German-Italian-Spanish.
  • Improvements to the various sections so that users no longer have to enter unnecessary or redundant information, some information can be completed and checked automatically to reduce risks of error and the accuracy of declarations can be improved
  • A specific API solution for businesses and agents in the transport sector who submit large volumes of posting certificates.
  • New dedicated accounts for clients of foreign businesses and for their agents/representatives in France
  • More accurate information and more effective tools are available to labour inspectorate officials through a working tool particularly featuring new search and targeting options
  • A database consultation solution is available to the other inspection bodies with the possibility of incorporating SIPSI consultation directly into inspection applications.
  • The new version of the SIPSI online service factors in the most recent changes under Act No. 2018-771 of 5 September 2018 and Decree No. 2019-555 of 4 June 2019 on the formalities associated with posting workers in France.

You can find the main changes here

For foreign businesses

For clients of foreign businesses

For agents and representatives in France of foreign businesses

SIPSI online service

Any employer located outside France who posts workers to France must submit, before the start of the service in France, a prior declaration of posting or certificate of posting to the labour inspectorate.
Foreign businesses can complete and submit their declarations of posting easily and securely through the new version of the Ministry of Labour’s SIPSI online service, which can be accessed at the following link :

Use the SIPSI online service

You can find below an information document to accompany you in the recovery of your account on the new version of SIPSI :

pdf SIPSI - Recovery of account Téléchargement (295.4 ko)

For more information regarding the transmission of posting attestation of employees specific to transport companies, you can check the website of the Ministry of Transport.

For more information about posting, you can read the dedicated section with a summary available in various languages at :