Posting of employees

Collective agreements that apply to seconded employees. Focus on the rights (...)

In this section, we will provide information on the options for you, employers or seconded employees, to (...)
Détachement des salariés Fiches pratiques Travailleur étranger

Useful resources

How to stay healthy and safe at work ? pdf Posted workers : how do you know your rights and ensure they (...)

Obligations of the employer of posted employees

To post workers in France, the company must necessarily perform several formalities : 1 - prior declaration (...)

Requirements that contractors and main contracting parties in France must (...)

In this section : Drawing up a declaration of posting and designating a representative Paying fines (...)

Posted workers’ rights

In this section : Remuneration Working time Occupational health & safety and accidents at work (...)


Administrative penalty This is aimed at punishing wrongful conduct. Unlike a criminal penalty, it is not (...)

Action by posted employees to defend their rights And information for (...)

In this section : Action by posted employees to defend their rights information for (...)

In a nutshell

Are you a company not established in France and wishing to send one or more of your employees to provide a (...)